Vico Chocolate Truffles


  • 240g of condensed milk
  • 100g of Vico Chocolate powder


Step 1: Heat up 240g of condensed milk in a pot until bubbling lightly

Step 2: Add 1/3 of 100g of Vico Chocolate powder.

Step 3: Stir and mix it well with hot condensed milk

Step 4: Stir another 1/3 of Vico Chocolate powder, and keep stirring until it mixes well

Step 5: Sift the rest of the Vico Chocolate powder until it hardens

Step 6: Place the Chocolate Truffles into the plastic wrap and freeze for 3 hours

Step 7: After taking it out from the fridge, cut it into an evenly shaped pieces

Step 8: Sift some #Vico Chocolate powder on top and shape it as you want